Daily Wrap – Day 4, International Friendship Series, Redlands

Green team in the dugout

Daily Wrap – Day 4, International Friendship Series, Redlands

After a bit of heavy rain the night before, Redlands were forced to push games back 30 minutes to allow the fields to dry. We saw 9 games played out in both divisions, some of which were catch up games from the night before.

Girls’ teams Queensland, Waverley and ISA NZ White all walked away with two wins each with some highly competitive games. ISA NZ Black put up a hard fight against Southern Pride, however, it wasn’t enough from them as they went down 2-1. Aussie Green and Gold also had a win each securing the Gold team a spot in the grand final.

ISA NZ and Australia Gold boys all won twice from their games for the day. Queensland managed to have two draws with Southern Pride and Australia Green.

Standout Individual Performances

In the Aussie Gold boys’ game against ISA NZ, Sam Marley (ISA NZ) pitched all six innings collecting only one hit for no runs as he scalped 11 SO’s.

A superb individual batting performance from Southern Pride’s Kaemyn Smith who helped his team to a 7-2 victory against Western Civil. From Smith’s three at bats he was able to bring in 5 runs for the team, the highlight being a homerun in the bottom of the 5th which brought home 3 RBI’s including himself.

First game of the day for both Queensland and Aussie Green girls saw fantastic pitching efforts from Jorja Barrett (Aussie Green) with 7 SO’s and 4 hits against her. However, Queensland managed to pull in 7 runs in the bottom of the 5th inning, winning them the game.

Gemma Hamilton from Waverley managed to smash a triple to left field as the lead-off batter in their match against Southside Stingers. Beautiful hits came from Narisse Privitera and two from Georgia O’Donovan all scoring two RBI’s with each hit.

IFS Girls
Game 28 Queensland defeated Australia Green 8-5
Game 29 Australia Gold defeated AIST 8-0
Game 30 Queensland defeated Southside Stingers 2-1
Game 31 Waverley defeated Southern Pride 4-1
Game 32 ISA NZ White defeated Australia Gold 4-0
Game 33 Southern Pride defeated ISA NZ Black 2-1
Game 34 Australia Green defeated AIST 12-3
Game 35 Waverley defeated Southside Stingers 14-1
Game 36 ISA NZ White defeated ISA NZ Black 5-4


IFS Boys
Game 19 Australia Gold defeated Australia Green 7-3
Game 20 Australia Green defeated Western Civil 3-1
Game 21 ISA NZ defeated Australia Gold 3-0
Game 22 Australia Green drew with Queensland 2-2
Game 23 Australia Gold defeated Southern Pride 10-2
Game 24 ISA NZ defeated Western Civil 7-5
Game 25 Southern Pride defeated Western Civil 7-2
Game 26 Queensland defeated Australia Gold 4-3
Game 27 Queensland drew with Southern Pride 4-4