Daily Wrap – Day 3, International Friendship, Redlands

Daily Wrap – Day 3, International Friendship, Redlands

The weather seemed too good to be true, finishing the day off with a bit of heavy rain. The grounds crew are working their magic on the fields for day 4.

Despite ISA NZ Black girls getting ahead in the game by two runs (started by a triple from their lead of batter  Holly Jacobs), Australia Green were able to fight back with four runs in the 4th inning and then securing their win with another two runs in the 5th eventually winning 8-2. Aussie Green and Gold girls were both successful in all of their games walking away undefeated for the day. ISA NZ White, Queensland, AIST, Waverley and Southern Pride also had a win each.

There were solid performances across the day in the boys’ competition for Queensland and Aussie Green who both picked up 2 wins. Other winners were ISA NZ and Aussie Gold walking away with 1 win each. The ladder is beginning to take shape with the 2 Aussie teams on top with only 1 loss between them across 11 games. ISA NZ is still with a chance of finishing top 2 should results go their way today.

Standout Individual Performances

After losing their 11 o’clock game against Queensland girls, the US based AIST team came out firing against ISA NZ White, with Alexa Lesperance, Shelby Nisbet and Rachell Craner each knocking in triples.  The three girls brought in a total of five RBI’s between them, ultimately winning 12-0.

Pitcher from Australia Gold, Emily Peters, had an outstanding game pitching all 7 innings in a 5-0 win over Queensland. Peters collected 10 SO’s and only 2 hits for the game.

In the game between Queensland and Western Civil we saw 18 runners cross the plate as batters from both teams put on a clinic. There was a notable performance by Henry Groth (Western Civil) who scored his team a grand-slam home run in the bottom of the 2nd. Unfortunately, this was not enough as Queensland had a solid team batting performance led by Julian Scott-Davis with 3 hits and 3 RBI’s from his 3 at bats. Final score 11-7 in favour of Queensland.

Shaun Lanaghan (Aussie Green) was solid from the pitching plate in his team’s 3-1 win against ISA NZ. Lanaghan made it difficult for the New Zealand batters with 9 SO’s across his 5 innings.

IFS Girls
Game 19 Australia Gold defeated Southern Pride 12-3
Game 20 ISA NZ White defeated Southside Stingers 11-8
Game 21 Australia Green defeated ISA NZ Black 8-2
Game 22 Queensland defeated AIST 6-3
Game 23 Australia Green defeated Waverley 6-1
Game 24 AIST defeated ISA NZ White 12-0
Game 25 Waverley defeated ISA NZ Black 6-1
Game 26 Australia Gold defeated Queensland 5-0
Game 27 Southern Pride defeated Southside Stingers 3-0


IFS Boys
Game 13 Australia Gold defeated ISA NZ 16-1
Game 14 Australia Green defeated Western Civil 13-3
Game 15 Queensland defeated Southern Pride 4-3
Game 16 Queensland defeated Western Civil 11-7
Game 17 ISA NZ defeated Southern Pride 11-3
Game 18 Australia Green defeated ISA NZ 3-1