Daily Wrap – Day 2, Under 23 National Championships, Redlands

NZ swinging v Qld

Daily Wrap – Day 2, Under 23 National Championships, Redlands

Games for the day were pushed back 30 minutes to an hour as the fields were affected from the rain. As the U23 Men’s game between Queensland and New South Wales was unable to be played the night before, it was rescheduled for the latest available timeslot.

The QLD and NSW men’s teams wrapped up the game at 11:30pm with a nail biting win to Queensland coming down to 3-2 in the bottom of the 7th inning. Sensational efforts from both teams, however, the Queenslanders were able to come out on top, scraping in an extra 2 runs in the last dig. NZ Major Sox, Western Australia and Queensland were all successful in obtaining two wins for the day. NZ Junior Black Sox has a high scoring game with New South Wales finishing the game with a 12-5 win in favour of the New Zealanders.

Queensland women’s team had another a successful day at the ball park, so far being undefeated in the tournament. They were able to walk away with a 7-0 win against Victoria and had a closer game with NSW with a final score of 5-3. Western Australia put up a fight in both of their games but unfortunately was not able to secure a win for the day, going down against both NSW and Victoria.

Standout Individual Performances

Daniel Chapman from NZ Major Sox had a spectacular game on the pitching plate with 12 SO’s and only 1 hit against him in their game versing Western Australia with a final score of 7-0 in New Zealand’s favour.

Western Australia had a strong bating team when they versed Queensland in the afternoon. A game winning home run from Matthew Beckett brought in a total of 2 RBI’s bumping the score up to 7-6.

With 6 SO’s against Victoria and 1 hit from them, Queensland’s Samantha Hodgeman had a successful pitching game, locking down her teams’ win at 7-0.

In the top of the 5th inning, Western Australia saw an outstanding sequence of batters with Emily Watson hitting a triple to right field. This followed by a one base hit from Georgina Bushby and another triple from Holley Onley, bringing in a total of 4 RBI’s for their team. Unfortunately this was not enough as Victoria took the 9-5 win against WA.

U23 Women
Game 5 New South Wales defeated Western Australia 3-1
Game 6 Queensland defeated Victoria 7-0
Game 7 Victoria defeated Western Australia 9-5
Game 8 Queensland defeated New South Wales 5-3


U23 Men
Game 4 Western Australia defeated NZ Junior Black Sox 4-2
Game 5 Queensland defeated  New South Wales 3-2
Game 6 Queensland defeated NZ Junior Black Sox 9-4
Game 7 NZ Major Sox defeated Western Australia 7-0
Game 8 NZ Junior Black Sox defeated New South Wales 12-5
Game 9 Western Australia defeated Queensland 7-6
Game 10 NZ Major Sox defeated New South Wales 5-3