Daily Wrap – Day 2, International Friendship Series, Redlands

ISA NZ Haka v Aussie Green

Daily Wrap – Day 2, International Friendship Series, Redlands

Day two at Redlands Softball Association in Queensland saw again beautiful, sunny weather here at the park.

We had two draws today in the girls’ competition between AIST and Southern Pride and also ISA NZ Black and Australia Gold. It was a close game between ISA NZ White and Southern Pride, despite Southern Pride scoring a run early in the first inning, the New Zealand team came out on top with a final score of 3-2.

Despite losing both games, Western Civil was able to score a total of five runs against their opponents and maintain close games with ISA New Zealand at 4-3 and Queensland at 4-2. Both Australia Green and Gold were triumphant in winning all of their games for the day with no runs scored against either team.

Standout Individual Performances

Mac Reith-Snare from Australia Gold had a standout game bringing in five of the runs against Queensland, helping his team to a dominant 16-0 win.

In the Australia Green v ISA NZ match later in the afternoon we saw two standout pitching performances from Bradley Kilpatrick (Green) and Sam Marley (ISA NZ). Both pitched out their respective team’s innings with only one earned run between them. Kilpatrick finished with 6 SO’s and Marley with 9. Unfortunately some fielding errors were the difference in the end with the Aussies winning 4-0.-

ISA New Zealand Black started off strong in their night game against Queensland bringing in 3 runs in the second inning. Jacqueline Clay managed to smash a triple to right field which scored an extra two runs for the New Zealand team. In the bottom of the 5th inning, Dakota Watson from Queensland also ripped a beautiful hit to right field as a stand up triple to bring in an extra run. However, Queensland was not able to hold out against the ISA New Zealand Black girls as the end result was 9-3.

Australia Green’s pitching duo of Jacque O’Connor and Jorja Barrett did not miss a beat as they pitched out the game for the Aussies and combined for 7 SO’s for no runs scored, ultimately wining the match 7-0 thanks to some solid team batting.

IFS Girls
Game 10 AIST drew with Southern Pride 1-1
Game 11 Australia Gold defeated Waverley 2-0
Game 12 Australia Green defeated ISA NZ White 7-0
Game 13 ISA NZ Black drew with Australia Gold 4-4
Game 14 ISA NZ White defeated Southern Pride 3-2
Game 15 AIST defeated Southern Stingers 4-3
Game 16 Waverley defeated Queensland 4-1
Game 17 Australia Green defeated Southside Stingers 9-5
Game 18 ISA NZ Black defeated Queensland 9-3


IFS Boys
Game 7 ISA NZ defeated Western Civil 4-3
Game 8 Australia Gold defeated Queensland 16-0
Game 9 Queensland defeated Western Civil 4-2
Game 10 Australia Green defeated ISA NZ 4-0
Game11 Australia Gold defeated Southern Pride 3-0
Game 12 Australia Green defeated Southern Pride 7-0