Daily Wrap – Day 1, International Friendship Series, Redlands

Australia Green v Australia Gold

Daily Wrap – Day 1, International Friendship Series, Redlands

It’s off and running here at Redlands Softball Association for the 2017 International Friendships Series and the teams wrapped up the first day after playing two games each.

In the boys’ tournament, Australia Gold came out from their double header with 2 wins against both Australia Green and Western Civil. However, for their second game, Western Civil managed to walk away with an 8-3 win against Southern Pride. ISA New Zealand was also on the ball, winning both of their late games against Queensland and Southern Pride.

The girls had four teams finishing the day with two wins each, Queensland, Waverly, Australia Gold and ISA NZ Black. Australia Green also started the tournament off with a win defeating Southern Pride 11-1.

Standout Individual Performances

Jeremy waters (Australia Gold) had a beautiful home run followed the next inning with homeruns from Kyle Doherty and Mac Reath-Snare, all over centrefield fence on diamond 2 against Western Civil to bring the total score to 14-6.

Rachael Kraak (Queensland) had a magnificent batting game hitting a lovely line drive out to left field, for two of her turns at bat. A double play in the top of the fourth inning started by Brooklyn Temu hitting a line drive to Rachael Kraak at short stop had Taylor Maxwell picked off at second base. Both Queensland pitchers, Kayla Hancox and Madison Tough, held out the ISA NZ White girls to finish the game at 5-1.

IFS Girls
Game 1 Australia Green defeated Southern Pride 11-1
Game 2 Australia Gold defeated Southside stingers 4-1
Game 3 Queensland defeated Southern Pride 13-1
Game 4 Waverley defeated AIST 10-1
Game 5 Australia Gold defeated Australia Green 4-1
Game 6 ISA NZ Black defeated Southside Stingers 6-2
Game 7 Waverley defeated ISA NZ White 4-3
Game 8 ISA NZ Black defeated AIST 7-1
Game 9 Queensland defeated ISA NZ White 5-1


IFS Boys
Game 1 Australia Gold defeated Australia Green 10-2
Game 2 Australia Gold defeated Western Civil 14-6
Game 3 Australia Green defeated Queensland 7-0
Game 4 Western Civil defeated Southern Pride 8-3
Game 5 ISA NZ defeated Southern Pride 5-0
Game 6 ISA NZ defeated Queensland 9-2