Level 3 – Training to Compete

Duration:              8 hours
Target audience: club and association senior coaches
Online or face-to-face coach development


Training to Compete consists of six modules which provide the coach with the knowledge and skills to teach club/senior players the finer points of playing competition softball. This level focuses on game preparation, game management and basic game strategies, as well as improving performance by optimising intermediate-level individual and position-specific softball skills.



Module 1 – Role of the coach

  • Managing games

Module 2 – Planning to compete

  • Individualisation – planning process

Module 3 – Organisation

  • Game Preparation and warming down

Module 4 – Intermediate level softball skills

  • Enhancing intermediate level skills of the game

Module 5 – Playing the game

  • Positional Play and basic game strategy

Module 6 – Measuring progress

  • Review and evaluation

Assessment and conclusion

  • Written and practical assessment tasks


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