Level 2 – Training to Train

Duration:               4 hours
Target audience:   club and association junior coaches
Face to face coach development

Training to Train provides the coach with the knowledge and skills to plan, organise, conduct and review effective training sessions, and weekly and monthly plans that cater to the individual needs of junior-level club players. The program focuses on consolidating the coaching of fundamental softball skills and introducing further basic softball skills, tactics and positional play. Competition is introduced but the focus is on developing the basic skills, as opposed to competing.



Module 1 – Role of the Coach

  •  The coach

Module 2 – Planning to Train

  • Planning the program

Module 3 – Organisation

  • Managing training

Module 4 – Fundamental Skills

  • Basic skills of the game

Module 5 – Playing the Game

  • Game sense
  • Assessing skills – checklist
  • Rules

Assessment and conclusion


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