Chicago Bandits add Australian flavour to US tradition

Taylah Tsitsikronis joins members of the DuPage Honour Guard at a pre-game ceremony in Chicago.

Chicago Bandits add Australian flavour to US tradition

The Australians who played for the Chicago Bandits in the National Pro Fastpitch league last year made quite an impression.

Taylah Tsitsikronis

Pictures courtesy of DuPage Honour Guard.

So much so that they were acknowledged at a pre-game ceremony when the Aussie Spirit ventured to Chicago recently for a series against the Bandits.

Four current Aussie Spirit NPF players — Taylah Tsitsikronis, Ellen Roberts, Stacey McManus and Rachel Lack — represented the Bandits in 2017. Chicago coaches and team officials were impressed by the way the Australians went about their business, on and off the field, and decided to add an Australian flavour to the time-honoured tradition of “presenting the colours” before the first game of the Bandits-Spirit series.

The American flag was presented by the DuPage Honour Guard, while the Australian flag was carried by Taylah Tsitsikronis. National anthems of both nations were played.

DuPage is a county in the state of Illinois. The Honour Guard represents all branches of the military and preserves the memories of men and women who served .

“With some of the Aussies who were in Chicago last year making their returns, we thought it’d be a nice touch to play the Australian national anthem in addition to our own American one for the series opener,” Chicago Bandits Director of Media Relations Jason Lowenthal said.