Central Districts Softball Association has a place to call home

Central Districts Softball Association has a place to call home

Softball is set to grow north of Adelaide following the completion of Central Districts Softball Association’s (CDSA) second permanent back-net.

With this addition, CDSA now has two extremely high quality, permanent nets adding a sense of occasion to softballers arriving at the grounds on game day and giving the Association a true home ground feeling.

Along with the new net, this week also officially saw the completion of the clubrooms brand new state of the art kitchen and a new alfresco area where spectators have full view of the new and improved grounds.

“A huge thank you to Playford Council for their support and assistance in making this happen, it has been a dream for CDSA after many years to finally have a place to call home,” said Linda Thornton, Vice President of CDSA.

“Thanks to Playford Council we now have an official Softball Hub in the Elizabeth Sports Complex and softball in the north is now out there for all to see as they drive past from the street.

“We’re are sure this will attract many new players to the area for future seasons to come.”

The Association is beaming with pride after their hard work begins to pay-off with more exciting developments on the horizon.

A growing alliance with the Northern Area Men’s Association (NAMSA) competition opens the door to developing a CDSA junior boy’s competition and building their player base in both men’s and women’s softball.

“Things are looking bright for the future of Softball in the northern suburbs, after many years of uncertainty our future looks great,” added Thornton.

“If you can see it and dream it, you can make it happen with hard work, never give up on a vision. Softball is an amazing game and CDSA is an Association we are all proud to be a part of. ”

For more information on Central Districts Softball Association including getting started with the sport, contact Linda Thornton on 0412 829 504 or vice.president@cdsa.asn.au.

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