Best managed associations in Australia for 2016/17

Best managed associations in Australia for 2016/17

Softball Australia congratulates the last three associations to achieve Homeplate status in 2016/17, Frankston Softball Association (Vic), Northern Tasmanian Softball Association (Tas) and the Northside Junior Softball Association (Vic).

Each association has achieved this ultimate recognition on the back of strong membership growth, meeting each national affiliation standard and by delivering national participation programs such as Social 7s with tremendous success. Out of 86 associations nationally, Frankston finished 11th on the Homeplate Ladder with 100 points, Northern Tasmania finished 14th with 90 points and Northside Junior finished 16th with 85 points.

This brings the final total of Homeplate status associations to 16 (81 points and above), 16 associations finished at Going for Home status (51-80 points) and 24 associations finished at On Base status (30-50 points).

You can view the final ladder featuring top 20 associations nationally, here.

Softball Australia thanks each association for their involvement in the program throughout the year and we look forward to providing the 2017/18 Homeplate Ladder Program beginning 1 August.