Belmont reaches new audience with #BackonBase Grant

Belmont reaches new audience with #BackonBase Grant

The Belmont Softball Club, affiliated with Newcastle & District Softball Association based in New South Wales, was one of 98 clubs awarded funding through Softball Australia’s #BackonBase Community Club Grant campaign for recruitment and retention initiatives.

The Club’s project aimed at growing and retaining members was a success resulting in enough new players to field a new team.

An innovative video was developed, promoting to the wider community of softball’s inclusivity is for everyone by highlighting their current members’ interest outside of the sport including dancing or music.

The video was promoted through social media reaching around 1000 people while advertising softball registrations were open with Belmont.

In addition, the Club placed an advertisement in InTouch magazine which promotes local news, activities and events in the region and is distributed free to the community.

Next season, in a COVID-19 world, the Club plans to advertise a lot sooner and also run Come and Try Days on the back of another marketing campaign.

Some other sound advice and learnings from the club is that digital media does go a long way in reaching people, the more interaction and views, the greater chance of engaging a wider audience.

Click here to view Belmont Softball Club’s promotional video