Australian Honours

Like most countries, Australia has a system of honours and awards so its citizens can be recognised for excellence, achievement or meritorious service. Australia’s distinctive honours system began in 1975 with the creation of the Order of Australia. Since then, Australia has created additional awards to completely replace those areas of service previously recognised in the British Imperial system and to recognise additional areas of service valued by Australians.

Australian Honours are unique as they were designed for the community to make nominations. Anyone can nominate an Australian citizen for an honour. For more information, visit the Australian Government’s It’s an Honour website.

Softball Australia members have been awarded the following Australian and Imperial honours:

  • AM: Member of the Order of Australia
  • OAM: Medal of the Order of Australia
  • MBE: The Order of the British Empire – Member
  • BEM: The Order of the British Empire – Medal / British Empire Medal

Australian Honours recipients

2018 Lis Hannelly OAM, umpire/statistician (NSW)
Michael Hannelly OAM, umpire/statistician/administrator (NSW)
Cathy Kerr OAM, administrator (NSW)
Lorraine Brown OAM, player/coach/umpire (SA)
2011 Alice Cullen, administrator (Qld)
2008    Maureen Jones OAM, administrator (SA)
2006 Sally McCreedy OAM, player (ACT)
2004 Heather Law OAM, administrator (Qld)
2003 Mary Verrankamp OAM (H), administrator (Qld)
Lyle Tyler OAM, administrator/umpire (SA)
Kenneth Allan OAM, administrator/coach (Vic)
2001 Joyce Lester OAM, player (Qld)
Jill Hooper OAM, administrator (Qld)
Adrienne Andrews OAM, administrator (Qld)
2000 Betty Paxton OAM, administrator (Qld)
Margo Koskelainen OAM, administrator/umpire (Vic)
1999 Audrey McLaughlin AM, administrator/coach (Qld)
1997 Edna Hertrick OAM, administrator (Qld)
1993 Chris Roughley OAM, player (NSW)
Daphne Hass OAM, administrator (Qld)
1991 Pat Rawlings OAM, administrator (NSW)
1990 Judy Phelps OAM, player (NSW)
1987 Rosemary Adey OAM, administrator (SA)
1982 Eileen Daniel OAM, administrator (ACT)
1980 Pat McCann OAM, administrator (NSW)
Esther Deason MBE, administrator (Vic)
1977 Marjorie (Midge) Nelson BEM, player (Vic)


Australian Sports Medal

The Australian Sports Medal was formally established on 23 December 1999. The medal acknowledges a range of Australians who, in different ways, contribute to the nation’s sporting success. Recipients include former competitors, coaches, sports scientists, office holders, and people who maintain sporting facilities and services. Since its inception, more than 18,000 Australian Sports Medals have been awarded.

We acknowledge the members of the softball community who are recipients of the Australian Sports Medal. Because nominations for the Medal can come from individuals, local clubs and associations, as well our Member States and Softball Australia, we do not have a comprehensive list of recipients.

If you have been awarded an Australian Sports Medal or know of someone who has, please contact us so we can acknowledge the softball community’s Medal recipients on our website.

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