Aussie Spirit coaching staff for World Championship announced

Aussie Spirit coaching staff for World Championship announced

After a thorough selection process, Softball Australia has announced the coaches and support staff for the Aussie Spirit team to compete in Japan this year.

Fabian Barlow.

Head Coach Fabian Barlow.

Head Coach Fabian Barlow believes he has the coaches to get the best out of the players in what will be a crucial year for the Aussie Spirit.

“I truly believe one of the strongest aspects of our overall staff, including the administrative and medical members, is we generally care for the players and want to see them do well,” Barlow says.

“Every decision is based on what do the players need to achieve their individual and team goals.

“Another strength is the staff get along very well,  which is critical when you are living in each other’s back pockets away from family for long periods of time. Athletes pick up very quickly when a staff isn’t united or on the same page.

“In saying that, we will certainly challenge each other if we think something could be getting done better for the team to achieve better performances.”

The XVI Women’s Softball World Championship will be held in Chiba, Japan, from August 2-12.



Fabian Barlow introduces the Aussie Spirit coaching staff


Kelly HardieAssistant Coach (Battery)    Kelly Hardie

Kelly is a very experienced battery coach with years of international experience as both a player and coach.

Kelly has got some very good performances out of the battery group the last two years and continues to raise the expectations the pitchers and catchers should have on their performances moving forward.


Troy HaverstockAssistant Coach (Hitting) –  Troy Baverstock

Troy has been away from the elite level side of the sport for a period of time, so he brings into the program a fresh set of eyes and ideas with a particular focus on hitting.

He has a clear vision on the changes we need to make in the batters box to be successful and the players are on board with that.



Specialist Defensive Coach –  Kym Tollenaere

Kym has tremendous knowledge across all aspects of the game, but I have asked her to focus in on the defensive component of our team.

Her international playing and coaching experience will be valuable in her doing that successfully.

Kym is very thorough in her thought processes around how to defend against the best offences in the world and is not afraid to be innovative in her training programs and opposition assessment to achieve this.


Dee AndersonPerformance Enhancement Coordinator – Dr Dee Anderson

Dee has been with our program for a short period of time but has had a massive impact on our program with both the athletes and coaches.

Dee has a critical role to play in ensuring the mental side of our game is solid, particularly under pressure.

In the international arena every player and team brings in very similar skill sets but it’s those players and teams that can mentally hold up in pressure situations against the best opposition that allows their skills to be executed correctly.

You can physically train your skills and you obviously have to do that but if you don’t train your mind at the same time once the pressure kicks in you are now competing hoping to get lucky.

Dee has a tremendous background in this area and worked with some world-class athletes from other sports successfully and she will continue to impact this program positively over the next period of time and ensure everyone is being held accountable.

  • Team Physio Nathanial Harnett
  • Team Manager Lisa Anderson
  • Statistician – Rowena Whittle
  • Umpires – Kyira Cox, Jason Carter

Pictures courtesy of Sam Donkin Photography