An Association for people of all abilities

An Association for people of all abilities

The Latrobe & Districts Softball Association in Tasmania is a fantastic example of a welcoming and inclusive Softball Association.

The Latrobe & Districts Softball Association dedicates itself to providing a fun, safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all ages and abilities as demonstrated with its membership base of 30 members, all varying in age, abilities and backgrounds.

Latrobe Softball AssociationClub Coordinator, Shelley Dodd, said the Association mainly focused on providing a place for special needs players to play. “We’re a little bit different to other clubs. We focus mainly on special needs players; we don’t have an age limit and it doesn’t matter if you’re female or male,” she said.

Despite varying levels of abilities, each member of the Latrobe & Districts Softball Association are treated as equals, an aspect of the Association that makes their members feel respected, valued and welcomed.

“We adjust to whoever is playing, depending on their age, abilities and disabilities. People enjoy it because they get to meet up and play with their friends. Some come and play sport and some are involved for the social aspect. Some players would play a whole day and others come along so they can hang out and be treated as an equal,” said Shelley.

The Association also prides itself on raising funds on game days for local charities they are passionate about. The Association recently raised $500 for Beyondblue and the Devonport Dogs’ Home. Shelley says “We had a member who passed away so we try to keep her memory alive. She loved animals so we raised funds for the Dogs’ Home in Spreyton.”

If you would like more information on the Association or would like to get involved, contact Shelley Dodd on 0439 361 804.