Benefits for your Club

Softball Team Picture

  • More members who can add a richness and a diversity to the environment
  • Your club will learn a new dimension of sport through interaction with, or coaching athletes with a disability
  • The experience of developing friendships and working with people who have a disability will make a difference in the lives of everyone involved
  • Your opportunities for media exposure will increase because your club is inclusive
  • Families and friends of athletes with a disability will become active, supportive and more aware of your inclusiveness, thus increasing participation and attendance at your club events
  • The potential for your club to gain access to community funding at a local level
  • Your softball program will develop better community relations
  • Your colleagues and student athletes will gain new insights into teaching basic skills and reaching out to others
  • As a committed leader within the community, your leadership role will be reinforced and enhanced
  • Awareness levels about the capabilities of individuals with a disability will be increased among your club’s administrators, players, officials and volunteers