Additional revolutioniseSPORT Intro Session

Additional revolutioniseSPORT Intro Session

Softball Australia would like to thanks the 550 volunteers who have attended the Intro to revolutioniseSPORT Training sessions over the last two weeks.

While a significant number have attended the mandatory sessions, there are still a number of Clubs and Associations yet to have a representative present.

For that reason, Softball Australia and revolutioniseSPORT will host a fourth and final session this Thursday 6 May at 7:00pm AEST.

Date Session/Purpose Time Duration Information
Thursday 6 May Intro to revolutioniseSPORT Training #4 (Final Session) 7:00pm AEST 2 hours Live Microsoft Teams Link

Please click the link above to attend the meeting.

If you are unable to attend and haven’t attended one of the previous three sessions, please contact urgently.

Next Steps

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Weekly Q&A Sessions (non compulsory) for Clubs and Associations to ask questions on the system will begin from Thursday 14 May.

A link for these sessions will be available next week, questions can be submitted in advance to

Quick Start Guide

revolutioniseSPORT has developed a Quick Start Guide to help set up your Club/Association within the platform. This should help administrators get started and progressively work through the steps that are necessary.

The Quick Start Guide is available to download here.

FAQ Update

The FAQ document on the revolutioniseSPORT project, current as at April 22 2021, is available for download here.

A reminder Clubs and Associations MUST have an ABN so they can access Pin Payments, the online payments system integrated with revolutioniseSPORT. Benefits and more details on an ABN are available here.

Any unanswered queries though should be directed to