About the Player Draft

The following information is taken from Section 8 of the Australian Championship Regulations.

8 Player draft and pick-up officials

8.1 The draft will take place approximately six weeks prior to the Event.
8.2 The player draft ensures fair distribution of key players unable to be utilised by their home state. In some instances, it enables states to enter teams where attendance would otherwise not be achievable.
8.3 The draft is aimed at players who may be on the fringe of selection in their home state or unable to attend due to non-participation by the home state.
8.4 The player draft applies to U16 to open-grade Events only.

Player eligibility

8.5 Players are eligible to enter the draft under the following circumstances:

8.5.1 An athlete stood for selection in their state, was not selected, and is endorsed for the draft by their state.
8.5.2 A player is cleared to another state after the eligibility date (eg. 1 August for January Championships) and has not had the opportunity to try out for the state they were registered with as at the eligibility date due to trials occurring after the
date the player cleared.
8.5.3 The player’s state is not entering a team in the Event.
8.5.4 Ex-patriot players: only ex-patriot players residing interstate and released for the draft are eligible to enter negotiations with the state of origin prior to the draft. This is the only circumstance where contact can be made with a player
nominating for the draft prior to the conduct of the draft.

Administration and procedures

8.6 The following online documents are required to be completed in relation to the draft:

8.6.1 ‘Request to select players in upcoming Player Draft’ – State teams wishing to select players from the draft must include the number of players they wish to draft on this form and submit by the due date.
8.6.2 ‘Player Draft Nomination – National Championships’ – Players wishing to enter the draft must complete this form. A bond of $500 is payable at the time of nominating for the draft.
(a) Softball Australia will verify with the player’s home state that the player is eligible to enter the player draft.

(b) Should a player not be selected in the draft, the bond amount will be refunded.

(c) Should a player be selected in the draft, the bond amount will be transferred to the state that selects the player, for them to deduct from the total player levy amount to be charged to the drafted player.

(d) A player that is selected in the draft and subsequently withdraws, will not be provided with a refund of the bond amount. That amount will be retained by the state that selected that player in the draft.

8.7 Administration and management of the draft will be coordinated by Softball Australia, who will:

• Forward a list of all eligible draft players to states.
• Confirm and distribute final team standings from the previous year’s Event to
confirm draft selection order and player entitlements.
• Coordinate teleconference requirements to conduct the draft at the date and time
previously confirmed.

State eligibility to draft players

8.8 Player entitlements for teams in the draft are based on the states’ placing at the previous year’s Event:

• Teams ranked one and two are entitled to select a maximum of two players.
• Teams ranked three and four are entitled to select a maximum of three players.
• Teams ranked fifth to eight are entitled to select a maximum of four players.

8.9 Softball Australia may, if circumstances warrant, vary the number of draft players for a specific Event or, on a case by case basis, allow additional draft players to a specific state team.

Selection sequence

8.10 Each state will take it in turn to select one player at a time from the draft pool.

8.10.1 States eligible for maximum draft selection are entitled to select in each round of selection.
8.10.2 States ranked third and fourth may only enter the draft in round two of selection.
8.10.3 States ranked first and second may only enter the draft in round three of selection.
8.11 The sequence for selecting is the reverse order of state seeding, eg 8th place has first pick, 7th place has second pick and so on. A state that wishes to enter the draft when it did not attend the previous year’s Event will be entitled to the maximum number of selections and will take the last pick in the first round.
8.12 Composite teams will be entitled to enter the draft under the previous year’s seeding or placing of the state they are representing.


8.13 State draft representatives are permitted to converse with other state representatives in relation to attributes of players participating in the draft.
8.14 Pre-draft selections and negotiations are not permitted.
8.15 Pre-draft contact with players is not permitted, other than with ex-patriot players eligible to play for their state.

Post draft selections

8.16 A player who nominates for the draft and is not selected at the time the draft is conducted, will be placed in a draft pool list.
8.17 Players placed in the draft pool list may still be selected after the draft by a state who has not used all their permitted draft selections.

8.17.1 Where an eligible state wishes to select a player from the draft pool list, they must advise Softball Australia’s NTEC via email of the player they wish to select.
8.17.2 Players in the draft pool list may be selected by a state up until the Friday two weeks prior to the beginning of the Event.
8.17.3 Where a player in the draft pool list is offered the opportunity to be selected after the draft, the player has the right to decline the opportunity without losing their bond payment.
(a) If a player declines the opportunity to be selected by a state after the draft, their name will be removed from the draft pool list and they are not eligible to be selected by another state. They can however be selected by their home state. Additions to draft pool list after the player draft

8.18 A player may be added to the player draft pool list after the player draft has been held, where there are no other players remaining in the draft pool list for the relevant Event who have the same main/first playing position as the player being added to the list.

8.18.1 In this situation, a player is not eligible to nominate themselves directly to Softball Australia to be added to the draft pool list. The player’s home state must notify Softball Australia that the player is being added to the list and must advise
Softball Australia of the player’s main/first playing position.
8.18.2 States looking to draft a player who plays a specific position, and there are no players remaining in the draft pool list who have that position listed as their first/main position, must only converse with another state office to find out if they
may have any players who play that specific position and may potentially be added to the draft pool list.
(a) Direct contact with players is not permitted.

Selection of players added to the draft pool list after the player draft

8.19 A state seeking to select a player who has been added to the draft pool list after the player draft is held must not have passed on a selection during the player draft when a player with the same main/first playing position that they are seeking was still available to be selected with that pick.

Example: State A wishes to select a pitcher that has been added to the draft pool list after the player draft. State A had selection three in the player draft and passed on that selection. At that time, there was another player who had listed pitcher as their main/first playing position available to be selected. Even though that player may have subsequently been selected in the player draft, given that State A passed on that opportunity, they are not eligible to select the pitcher that has been added to the draft pool list.
8.20 When a player is added to the draft pool list after the player draft, Softball Australia will notify via email all states who have not used their maximum draft selections that the player has been added.

8.20.1 The state with the highest eligible selection in the draft will have the first rights to select that player. That state will have a period of 24 hours from when the email was sent to advise Softball Australia if they wish to select the player.
8.20.2 If that state does not respond within 24 hours, another state with the next highest eligible selection can then also select that player.
(a) When this occurs, the state that first advises Softball Australia’s NTECvia email that they wish to select the player will have the right to do so.

Player levy

8.21 If a player levy is imposed, it cannot exceed an amount of $1,800 (inc GST), excluding the cost of flights, which will be booked and paid for separately by the drafted player.
8.22 The following items are expected to be included as part of the player levy for a drafted player:

• Accommodation (8 nights)
• Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bench food)
• Ground transport
• Medical kit expenses
• Incidentals (laundry, petrol, ice etc)
• Team entry fee
• Uniform items (to keep): Team cap/visor, walk out polo shirt, playing socks

8.22.1 If some of the expected inclusions are not provided, or will be provided to a lesser extent, the levy a drafted player pays may be reduced.
8.22.2 Costs for a physiotherapist/massage therapist are not included as part of the player levy. Any personal medical supplies (eg. strapping tape) are the responsibility of the drafted player. Where a state provides these to a drafted
player, a state may charge extra for these items.
8.22.3 The following items will be provided to a drafted player to loan, for return at the end of the event:
• Playing top(s)
• Playing pants/shorts
• Tracksuit jacket (if part of uniform)

• Tracksuit pants (if part of uniform)

A drafted player has the option of purchasing the items listed above if
desired. Undershirt and walkout shorts are also optional additional

8.22.4 Any balance of funds from meals and incidentals will be refunded equally to all individuals who contributed equally to these amounts.

Draft player recall

8.23 A player selected during the player draft or post draft may be recalled to their home state’s team up until the Friday two weeks prior to the beginning of the Event. For example, if the Event begins on Saturday 4 January, the player may be recalled up until Friday 20 December. If a player endorsed for the draft is not selected in the draft, that player can be recalled to their home state. Where a draft player is recalled from a State, that State has provision to draft another player from the available draft pool.

Drafted player withdrawal

8.24 If a player selected in the player draft withdraws from a team, they will not be eligible to be drafted by any other state or be recalled to their home state.