60,000 reasons to get #BackOnBase

60,000 reasons to get #BackOnBase

Softball Australia is pleased to announce a Community Club Grants Program with AU$60,000 in Grants available directly to softball Clubs across Australia.

Dubbed the #BackOnBase Grants Program, the initiative is aimed at increasing participation and retention across Clubs.

Softball Australia over the past several months has investigated several concept campaigns in order to assist Members getting #BackOnBase through the COVID-19 lockdown and recovery periods.

In response to this, the Grants Program has been developed to provide immediate and tangible assistance in Clubs participation initiatives.

“The #BackOnBase program is a step towards assisting our game directly at the grassroots level with Grants being paid directly to Clubs who may have struggled through the COVID-19 period or other factors,” said David Pryles, Chief Executive Officer at Softball Australia.

“With the pool of funds available, we hope Clubs will be able to either develop an all new participation initiative or think outside the box when it comes to attracting new people to the sport.

“We have over 500 Clubs affiliated with Softball Australia and we hope to see the majority apply for this great opportunity to assist in their growth at a grassroots level.

“We’ve made sure the grants have been structured so they’re accessible to Clubs competing at all times of the year, not just the upcoming Summer season.”

Sport Australia’s Acting CEO Rob Dalton commended Softball Australia for driving participation.

“Sporting clubs have shown incredible resilience to survive these unprecedented challenges, so re-engaging with participants and volunteers will be crucial to ensuring sports thrive again,” Mr Dalton said.

“It’s encouraging to see Softball Australia being proactive and innovative. This initiative is more than a financial incentive for clubs, it’s a strong call to action for sporting participants to say ‘you’re important to us and we want you back.”

Grant applications range from AU$200 to AU$1000 and must be put towards retention or participation initiatives.

Applications will be accepted from Softball Australia affiliated Clubs only and must be submitted between 9:00am AEST Wednesday 26 August 2020 – 10:00pm AEST Wednesday 9 September 2020.

The application form will be open at www.softball.org.au/community-club-grants-backonbase once the submission process begins.

Clubs are encouraged to innovate and “think outside the box” for the use of their grant in player retention or acquisition activities.

Clubs will have the opportunity to attend a Zoom meeting together with their relevant state and Softball Australia to address any queries regarding the #BackOnBase campaign in the coming days.

For more information, including Zoom meeting details visit www.softball.org.au/community-club-grants-backonbase.