2020 AP Cup Batgirl/Batboy

Purchase a ‘Family Full Event’ ticket for the 2020 AP Cup and choose a game for your child to be a batgirl/batboy. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!


Step 1           Purchase a ‘Family Full Event’ ticket via the Humanitix Website.

Step 2           Make a selection for the team and game that you would like your child to be a batgirl/batboy for via the online form.


Batgirl/Batboy Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible to choose a game for a child to be a batgirl/batboy, you must purchase a ‘Family Full Event’ ticket via the Eventbrite website: https://events.humanitix.com.au/2020-australia-pacific-cup
  2. One batgirl or batboy can be selected for a team for one game for each ‘Family Full Event’ ticket purchased.
  3. Game selections for batgirl/batboy will be made only via the applicable online form: https://salforms.softball.org.au/2020-australia-pacific-cup-batgirl-batboy/
  4. Any batgirl/batboy game selections made by a person who has not purchased a ‘Family Full Event’ ticket will be immediately deleted.
  5. A ‘Family Full Event’ ticket must be purchased prior to making selection of a game for a batgirl/batboy. Any selections made prior to the date and time of ticket purchase will be immediately deleted.
  6. The online form will be updated periodically to reflect the teams/games that are still available for selection for batgirls/batboys. However, there may be occasions where a game/team is displayed on the online form that has already been selected by another person. Where this occurs, a person will be contacted as soon as the duplicate selection has been discovered and they will have the opportunity to select another team/game that is still available.
  7. A batgirl/batboy must be born in 2011 or earlier (eg. 2008, 2009). Any child born in 2012 or later is not eligible to be a batgirl/batboy. A child born in 2008 or 2009 must have prior softball experience. It is highly desirable for a child born in 2009 or earlier to have prior softball experience.
  8. The duties of being a batgirl/batboy include sitting on the bench with the team and collecting bats on the field of play. A team’s manager will assist in overseeing the batgirl/batboy, but the batgirl/batboy must be capable to perform the duties independently.
  9. Softball Australia has full discretion in deciding if a child has the ability to carry out the duties of being a batgirl/batboy and can decide on the day of a game that a child is not suitable for the role.
  10. A batgirl/batboy must provide their own batting helmet for use in carrying out the duties.
  11. If a child is no longer available to carry out the batgirl/batboy duties, a substitute can be named, provided they meet the requirements, or an alternative game that is still available can be chosen. No refunds will be provided for those no longer able to attend the event.
  12. In the case where games are rescheduled or cancelled due to adverse weather or other circumstances, Softball Australia has the right to choose an alternative game for a batgirl/batboy or no longer offer the experience.
  13. Finals games are not included within this opportunity. A separate opportunity will be available for children to be a batgirl/batboy for a team for a finals game, details will be confirmed at a later date.