2016 International Friendship Series – boys’ squad announced

2016 International Friendship Series – boys’ squad announced

Softball Australia congratulates the following players on their selection in the Australian Junior Boys’ Squad to participate at the 2016 International Friendship Series at Blacktown International Sportspark, 4-8 July, 2016.


Josh Bond (NSW) Daniel Harrison (NSW) Layton Reid (Qld)
Jack Burt (WA) Bradley Kilpatrick (NSW) Mac Reith-Snare (NSW)
Isaac Caloiero-Smith (Qld) Lachlan McGovern (ACT) Rhys Shelley (Qld)
Logan Campbell (NSW) Andrew Meyer-Coyte (ACT) Lachlan Spinelli (Vic)
Jacob Donaldson (NSW) Samuel Miners (ACT) Sheldon Waller (Qld)
Jarred Garland (NSW) Robbie Moore (NSW) Jeremy Waters (Qld)
Shannon Goffer (Qld) Michael Noonan (Qld) James Watson (WA)
Henry Groth (NSW) Bolton Nussbaum (ACT) Cameron White (Qld)
Dylan Hard (Qld) Christian Palombi (ACT) Thomas Zeylemaker (NSW)
Joshua Harding (Qld) Christopher Plain (NSW) Luke Bellamy (NSW)


The International Friendship Series presents an opportunity for these players to play in an international standard competition and is the first step for many towards selection in our National Junior and Open teams. Softball Australia wishes all players the best of luck in the upcoming Series.

For more information about the Series, contact:

Richard Costantino
National Events’ Coordinator
Tel: 03 9417 0022, ext 115